Best Halloween Baby Costumes

Halloween is well-known mostly thanks to American culture and movies that are viewed all around the world. In the past, it was a pagan holiday that originated in what is today’s Ireland. It used to be known as Samhain, the ending and beginning of the pagan year, and the eve of the dead when the line between the worlds of the living and the dead vanishes.

People in western countries, especially in America, celebrate Halloween with spooky decorations, carved pumpkins, and children trick-or-treating in costumes. Even some adults enjoy Halloween in their own scary costumes. After all, why not have a bit of fun when we can? If you have a baby, you have a unique costume opportunity for this year’s Halloween. Here are a few creative tips you can try with your baby.

Little Old Ladies

Halloween costume – grannies

 Super Mario

Halloween costume – Mario

E.T. Calling Home

Halloween costume – E.T.

Baby Dealer

Halloween costume – Dealer

Meatballs, Anyone?

Halloween costume – Meatballs

Popcorn Baby

Halloween costume – Popcorn

Zombie Baby

Halloween costume – Zombie

For the Star Wars Fans

Halloween costume – Star Wars

Baby Baguette

Halloween costume – Baguette

Cute Little Doll

Halloween costume – Doll

Little Maggie Simpson

Halloween costume – Maggie Simpson

Care for a Coffee?

Halloween costume – Starbucks

Clark Kent During the Day, Superman During the Night

Halloween costume – Superman

Little Diver

Halloween costume – Diver

Costume for the Whole Family

Halloween costume – Lobsters

Dobby the Elf

Halloween costume – Dobby

If you’re still expecting your baby, don’t worry. You won’t be left out. Have a look at our fun and creative pregnancy costumes!

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