9 Signs of a Modern Parent

What even is a ‘modern parent’? The experts over at Trend Bible have tried to describe what a modern parent should be like. These days, many parents are very stressed out and also feel that they don’t spend enough time with their families. What’s even more important than the amount of time you get to spend with your loved ones? The quality of that time, of course! Here’s what a modern parent does and doesn’t do, according to Trend Bible.

Doesn’t drink bad coffee.

Say goodbye to bad coffee from a vending machine. Modern coffee shops try to accommodate not only parents but also their children, so they can spend time together. Family friendly cafés and restaurants are multi-functional spaces for the whole family. You can park your stroller in the front and find an indoor playground area for your children in the back.

“Millennials are becoming parents and they expect a quality environment for themselves and for their children. They like fresh fruit juices and healthy food. They also have high standards when it comes to food for their children. British galleries and museums have reacted to this trend and began offering products that are suited for both parents and children,” Joanna Feeley from Trend Bible says.

Free-range parenting
Free-range parenting is the opposite of the so-called helicopter parenting.

Gives their child freedom and space

The term helicopter parenting is used for parents who constantly hover over their children like a helicopter to watch and take care of them. It was first used by Dr. Haim Ginott. The opposite of helicopter parenting is so-called free-range parenting which treats a child’s mistakes as part of the learning process. Millenials usually allow their children many choices, the right to speak freely, and give them valuable advice. They’re prepared to take risks in order to prepare their children for the life ahead.

Fights for a better environment

The last few years have brought forth issues such as sustainable energy and harmful chemicals in plastic. The importance of protecting children from these hazards is also stressed quite often. Modern parents support the decision to ban harmful microbeads in cosmetics and toothpaste. In Great Britain, this ban will come into effect at the end of 2017.

Microbeads are small plastic beads (smaller than 5 mm) that are present in cosmetics. Due to their small size, they can’t be cleaned by water cleaning plants and filters and so they find their way into the seas and oceans, where sea creatures swallow them. On their way, they pick up all sorts of toxins. This ban is already in effect in the U.S., where manufacturers of cosmetics had to find organic substitutes for microbeads, such as salt.

Knows that monitoring children isn’t necessarily all bad

Though it might seem that this point is a direct opposite of the point we’ve made about allowing children freedom, it’s really not. This point is about the safety of your child, not about controlling their every move. Up until recently, monitoring children was seen as a bit of a taboo but the truth is that some monitoring is a great way to know where your child is without breaking mutual trust. There are many gadgets and apps available that use GPS and will alert you if, for example, your child is playing near a dangerous construction site. However, you should always make sure to use these apps with your child’s privacy in mind.

Children and smartphones
A modern parent makes sure that their children have both digital and real-world experiences.

Doesn’t leave their child stuck in the digital world

The children of today live in a digital era and they spend a lot of time in front of a screen. Some children may even overdo it and become addicted. Many parents fear that this will also happen to their child and so they try very hard to fill out their children’s time with other activities. Some parents become conflicted and even afraid of digital devices. They believe that they have a negative effect on the development of their children while forgetting about the many positives they can bring. The key is to find a middle ground.

But remember that social media can never replace the contact between a child and parent. Personal contact is extremely important for every child from the day they are born. It’s necessary for the correct development of social skills and building of relationships. If you want to have a good relationship with your child, be sure to take the time for activities that you can do together. Spend time together on a regular basis and try to spend these moments away from digital devices.

Finds the time to relax

Parents often feel stressed and under pressure, trying to balance work and family. A fast pace also requires you to have some time to relax. Yoga is ideal for relaxation. Many parents would also like to see yoga exercises for children in kindergarten, but only time will tell if it can become a reality. Yoga has many physical and mental benefits. It’s very universal, so it’s suitable for all ages.

Doesn’t fall for the illusion of an ideal life

Facebook and Instagram are places where people share pictures from their daily life. These pictures usually document the better side of life, such as success at work or exotic holidays, which can create an illusion that their lives, work, and families are perfect. People who constantly compare their own lives to these perfect pictures may quickly find themselves depressed.

Modern parents want real role models, not an illusion of perfection. They appreciate when family life is shown with all its ups and downs. In a campaign titled “A Kitchen Lived In”, five influential bloggers revealed what hides behind an Instagram filter. They aimed to show that not everything is as perfect as it may seem at first glance.

Instagram parents
A campaign titled “A Kitchen Lived In” aimed to show that pictures on social media often only show the better side of life.

Doesn’t underestimate contact

Contact is extremely important, especially in this day and age when many parents rely on smartphones to keep their children entertained. Physical touch reassures our children that we are there and that we love them. They help ease anxiety and help strengthen social bonds. Babies who are carried and cuddled have a better emotional life than those without much contact. Toys that stimulate touch are also becoming increasingly more popular – plush toys and cuddling toys for babies.

Allows their child to get bored

Intelligent devices being constant stimulation of the senses, so much so that children forget what boredom is like. However, a child doesn’t necessarily have to have their entire schedule filled with activity. A bit of boredom is quite useful, in fact, because it helps develop creativity. It allows our children to think and allows them a bit of quiet, which is just as useful as any other activity. Boredom brings original thoughts and children will create their own plans how to spend their time. If children don’t learn how to fill out their time on their own, they will never learn it.

Which of these nine points is something you do? Do you consider yourself a modern parent? Let us know in the comments below!

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