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Superfoods Are Great For Toddlers!

Small children and toddlers don’t usually eat too much. Sometimes parents have to fight with their children if they want to feed them as much as a single bite of food. It may be a hard fight but when the “here comes the airplane” tactic finally works, you can feel...

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My Child Has Celiac Disease. What Now?

Celiac Disease, a digestive and autoimmune disorder that causes an intolerance of gluten protein, affects 1% of the population of Europe. It’s a disease that makes the body respond with an immune reaction to consumed gluten. It can lead to the chronic inflammation or the degeneration and damage of the small intestine....

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Children and Treats? Try the Healthy Way!

Every mom knows that sweets aren’t the best thing for a child’s organism. Of course, sometimes it’s hard to say no to a child who wants some chocolate or a piece of candy. Next time your little one wants something sweet, you can try a healthier alternative.