Summertime Accessories for Stylish Moms

Fashion for moms has to be comfortable. This is exactly what the 2017 summer fashion trends bring to the table – comfortable shorts, sandals, and details that are associated with womanhood, such as frills, the color pink, large jewelry, and XXL straw bags. Let these stylish Instagram moms inspire you.

Frilly dress

Frills are a hot trend this summer. You can find them on almost any article of clothing from blouses to trousers. Dresses with frills are very popular and can be worn on any occasion. The main distinctive feature of this frilly trend is revealing a bit of the skin, especially the shoulders. The dresses are usually draped and so they’ll stay where they belong. Another big advantage is that they’re not too expensive and you can buy them almost anywhere. They’re easily combined with the accessories you already have at home.


Flounce dresses are ideal for the summer. You can combine them with a straw hat and simple sandals.

Chriselle Lim is an Instagram stylist with many followers, popular thanks to her beautiful photos and Youtube videos. Right now, fans can also see her in the role of a mother. This is how a flounce dress should be worn, according to Chriselle.

Blouse with embroidery

Embroidery was popular last summer and it’s back again this year. Blouses with beautiful embroidered flowers, especially roses, and animals ranging from tigers to insects are back in style. If you like this style, you have a wide selection to choose from. Why not try a white blouse with embroidered flowers or embroidered sleeves? White goes great with bronze tanned skin.


Instead of going for classic denim, try to create a contrast between your blouse and a striped pattern on your shorts or trousers. You don’t have to resort to the classic sailor stripe pattern. This summer, there are plenty of different stripe styles to choose from.

Caroline Berg Eriksen, a blogger from Norway, focuses mainly on a healthy lifestyle. She’s the mom of two beautiful daughters and the wife of Lars-Kristian Eriksen, a football player. She also loves embroidered clothing.

Bermuda shorts and their variations

It’s no secret that Bermuda shorts are back in style. If you know how to wear them correctly, you’re a hot candidate for the “Hot Trendy Mama of 2017” award 🙂 They look great on women with long legs but you don’t have to abandon the style if you’re shorter. This summer, Bermuda shorts are usually worn in both a sporty and elegant fashion with white tunics and blouses or short blazers in the evening. They go well with sandals, leather loafers, and even sexy heels.


If you want to take the style to a whole new level, combine a pair of oversized light-colored denim Bermuda shorts with a white shirt that’s stuck inside of them. Don’t forget sandals with a thick high heel and sunglasses.

Rachel Parcell is a mom of two and a young Mormon from Utah. She blogs about fashion, cosmetics, home decoration, and about her family life. She also knows how to wear Bermuda shorts right.

Something pink

Pink is one of the main color trends of this summer. You’ve probably already heard about the Millennial Pink trend. You can use pink in your outfit in various ways. You can have a single piece of pink clothing or a pink accessory, or you can cover yourself in pink from head to toe. However, a pink outfit requires that you know how to correctly combine textures and patterns so that you don’t end up looking like a big scoop of strawberry ice cream. Pink will also make you look younger and more feminine.


If you love pink, you should definitely wear it in your free time and related activities. Have you ever seen the pink Adidas leggings by Stella McCarthy? They’re definitely a good motivation to start exercising.

Noha Habil, a fashion blogger and TV star from Kuwait, has two children. Her Instagram is full of inspiration for moms and women with curves.

XXL straw basket

Bags, handbags, and straw baskets have become accessories that don’t have to fit with the rest of your outfit anymore. Nowadays, the functional side of bags and baskets allows for unexpected combinations. Beach bags and baskets with tassels, pom-poms or feathers are in style and you’re sure to love them. They’re big and practical, which makes them a perfect fit when you’re going to the beach or just going out shopping. They’re even better when you’re a mom who carries around food, drinks, and even diapers for your little ones. This year, XXL is back in style.


Have a look at the new Kbas collection. You’ll find many irresistible bags and baskets from natural straw which come in both simple and minimalistic combinations, but also in lavish and complicated styles. They’re hand-made, natural, and sure to become an amazing summer accessory.

“Proud of my bag” – that’s the motto of Kbas, a brand that focuses mainly on bags made from natural palm fibers. The popular brand has been around since 1969.

Comfy sandals

There’s no better summer footwear than comfortable platform sandals. They’re ideal for long walks and daily use, and they’ll also add a few centimeters to your height. Sandals without a heel are usually associated with beaches. And with socks 🙂 Socks with sandals were always seen as a fashion faux-pas, but recent fashion shows prove that even this can be turned into a fashion trend. Not many people may like it, however, so let’s focus on something less controversial, such as leather or textile strappy sandals that will make your feet interesting even without socks.


Try platform sandals. They’re very comfortable and you can wear them all day, not to mention that they give you those sweet few extra centimeters. Sandals with heels are also in, but be careful. Anything above 12 cm is out of fashion this season.

Sara Schneider, a mom of three, shares many beautiful pictures on Instagram, including both her stylish home and her practical outfits.

Striking accessories

Huge earrings, large necklaces or massive bracelets – impressive accessories are in this summer. If you think it’s a bit too much and want to choose only one accessory, go for mega earrings. This trend is mostly suitable for moms with older children who don’t have to worry about curious hands trying to pull at their shiny trinkets 🙂


Thinking about a large choker necklace around your neck? Sadly, they’re out of style this year. Instead, try to combine several metal necklaces.

Up Close and Stylish is the nick of a mysterious mom blogger who shares her photos but never shows her face. She loves to show off the details from her life and luxurious clothing.

Do you have your own favorite mom blogger on Instagram?

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