Don’t Forget About Fine Motor Skills

Toys aren’t just a source of fun. They help children learn and develop their skills and abilities. It’s very important for children to train their fine motor skills, especially when they’re of pre-school age. Picking up and using small objects helps children learn how to write and also makes other school activities easier for them. Nowadays, in the age of smartphones and tablets, we shouldn’t forget about real toys that help our children’s development.

Every baby has a natural grasp reflex which appears in-utero and later develops after the baby is born. Babies learn how to grip objects properly and how to control their fingers so that they can not only grasp objects but also how to release them. Parents should always try to assist their children in developing their fine motor skills through various activities, such as games.

Let’s play a game

The fastest way for children to learn is through games they enjoy. Building kits, drawing, bead threading, and many other games require attention and also make use of fine motors skills through picking up small objects. A child’s fingers need to get used to such delicate tasks and simple toys are the best for this. It may look like the children are just playing but they’re also learning and gaining valuable experience during their game. Eventually, they will stop trying to grasp objects using their entire palm and discover that there are different ways to pick up their toys.

Fine motor skills, building kit
There are many games that help children develop their fine motor skills.

Building kits help stimulate a child’s imagination and creativity. Building kits really aren’t just about putting blocks on top of each other. Every time a child places a block correctly, the success makes them happy and motivates them to try again. Children see everything through their imaginations and so they can use the building kit to create unique buildings, cars, and even people.

Everyday activities

Common everyday activities also help develop fine motor skills. For example, when children are learning how to eat and pick up a spoon, how to wash their teeth, tie their shoelaces or open drawers. Allow your little ones to do these things on their own. Children are naturally curious, they want to discover new things and they enjoy learning. For us adults, these activities are a regular part of everyday life and we do them without thinking twice, but children find great joy in such small tasks.

Fine motor skills, brushing teeth
Everyday activities greatly help improve fine motor skills.

Try to be creative

Try and craft your own decorations with your children, cut out and glue paper together. You can also allow your children to cut out dough while making cookies or to help you clean. Children love to imitate adults and they feel important when you allow them to help you around the house. You can also include them in spring activities in the garden. If you don’t have one, you can get your child their own garden which they can take care of.

Fine motor skills, gardening
Let your children help you in the garden.

Such games and activities help children develop their fine motor skills and much more! They learn about the world around them and how it works. To children, it’s valuable knowledge that they will use in the future. Maybe your little one will make a mess that you’ll have to clean up, but it’s worth it to make them happy.

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