10 Things Your Preschooler Should Handle

Schools and preschools have opened their gates once again after the summer holiday. If your child is a preschooler, this year will be a huge change for them. Preparing for school is a very exciting time when your child will get to learn and discover many new things. Allowing your child to learn as much as they can during this time should also be a priority for you. Here are 10 things your preschooler should be able to handle before their first year of school begins.

Preparing for school is important

Talk to your child and explain to them what awaits them next year. You won’t even realize it and your child will start attending a school which will require a change of their schedule and sometimes also require a few strict rules. They will learn to finish many tasks by themselves, even those you used to help them with before. Their motor skills and coordination will become better every day and same goes for their confidence. However, you should never depend on the idea that your child will learn everything necessary in preschool. You should always support them and teach them at home, too.

Prepare your preschooler for their first year in school.

10 things your preschooler should know

1. Letters of the alphabet

Don’t feel stressed if your child doesn’t know them all. As an introduction, it’s enough for them to know a few letters. You can try to put a poster above your child’s bed with the letters of the alphabet and, for example, some cartoon characters to catch their attention. You can also try to revise the letters before bed, using the poster.

2. Holding a pen and pencil properly

Make sure your child’s hand is relaxed. They can’t write yet, but they should be able to write their own name, ideally in both capital and small letters.

3. Using scissors, glue, and watercolors without much difficulty

Most children like to cut out shapes from a sheet of paper. Try to get simple cutouts for your child, so they can practice cutting out specific shapes. Teach them to cut along the line, but allow them to make mistakes. Don’t scold them for getting it wrong. Try to include cutouts into your playtime.

4. Counting to ten

If your child already knows how to count to ten, you can try teaching him some foreign language. Children learn languages extremely quickly, so this may be a good time to give it a try.

5. Bouncing a ball

Every child around the age of 5 should be able to throw, catch, and bounce a ball. If your child is having trouble with these activities, try to play some catch with them whenever you go out to the playground.

6. Knowing the names of objects and colors

Your preschooler should know the names of basic objects. They should also be able to divide them based on shape, color or size. They should know the names of primary colors without hesitating.

7. Speaking clearly using simple sentences

Your child’s speech should be clear and understandable. They should be able to answer using simple and compound sentences. They should also understand what you’re telling them and be able to follow spoken instructions.

8. Identifying words that rhyme

Try to read children’s rhymes to your child. Ask them which words sound similar.

9. Being self-sufficient when doing basic activities

The main thing your child should handle is to use the toilet and wash their hands afterward. They should also know to wash their hands before food or after they return home after being outside. Children of this age should also be able to dress themselves, clean up after themselves (toys, crayons, etc.), and separate from their parents without crying too much.

10. Knowing traffic lights and basic traffic rules

A child of this age should always know that they cannot step onto the road without looking both ways. They should also understand what the colors on a traffic light mean. Children are like sponges, they absorb everything we do very quickly, so make sure that you obey these rules whenever you’re with your child. Only cross the road after you’ve looked both sides and only when there is a zebra crossing.

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