Bake Some Tasty Apple Treats

Anyone with a garden probably has a lot of apples and nuts stored away around this time of year. Both of these garden treats are full of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. We’ve prepared for you two recipes that combine apples and nuts together into yummy pies. They’re both quick and easy to make and they’re great to nibble on during the upcoming winter days.

Tasty Apple Pie

Once you try this recipe, you’ll have to keep on making more and more of it. It’s so good that it will be eaten before you can say “pie” and your loved ones will ask for another.

Apple pie
Apples and nuts are a great combination.

Ingredients needed for the dough

  • 200 g of butter
  • 150 g of cane sugar (you may also use coconut sugar)
  • 1,5 dl of milk
  • 5 egg yolks
  • 300 g of flour (you can substitute 150 g of this amount with whole grain spelt flour)
  • 1 baking powder or 1tsp of baking soda

Ingredients needed for the filling

  • 3/4 kg of apples
  • 70 g of ground nuts
  • 100 g of sugar (ideally powdered sugar but you may also use crystal sugar)
  • 5 egg whites
  • cinnamon


If you have a coffee blender, you can easily make your own powdered cane sugar by blending crystal sugar. Just don’t forget to clean the blender of coffee first.


Mix all of the dough ingredients together in a large bowl, except for flour and baking powder. Make sure the mix is smooth, then add the flour and baking powder and mix again carefully. Pour the finished dough into a baking pan lined with baking paper. Place the sliced apples onto the dough and add a layer of ground nuts. If you want your pie to have a nice aroma, you can also add a bit of cinnamon. Place the pan into an oven that has been heated up to 180 °C.

While your pie is in the oven, mix your egg whites together with sugar until the mix is firm. You can also add a bit of ground lemon skin to give your pie a better aroma. After about 10 minutes, pull your pie out of the oven and spread the egg-white mix over it evenly. Put it back and bake until the top layer gains a light golden color.

Quick chocolate pie with apples and nuts

This treat is pretty easy to make. A big advantage is that you mix all of the ingredients together, so you can make this pie quickly in case you get an unexpected visit. A combination of sweet chocolate, crunchy nuts, and refreshing apples is irresistible.

Apple pie with chocolate
An apple pie with chocolate is very easy to make.


  • 110 g of cane sugar
  • 220 g of flour
  • 1 baking powder
  • 1 tbsp of Dutch processed cocoa
  • 4 eggs
  • 1/2 tsp of cinnamon
  • 1 vanilla sugar
  • 50 ml of oil
  • 100 ml of milk
  • 4 larger apples
  • 100 g of walnuts
  • 50 g of dark chocolate
  • 50 g of raisins


Dice the chocolate, apples, and nuts so that they keep a rough consistency. Mix all of the remaining ingredients together. If you like pies with more aroma, you can also add a bit of baking powder for gingerbread but, usually, some regular baking powder is just fine. When your dough mix is smooth, add the chocolate, apples, nuts and raising. Mix the dough again and pour into a baking pan lined with baking paper. Put the pan into an oven that has been heated up to 180 °C for half an hour. You may pour some melted chocolate on the finished pie or serve it with fresh fruit, such as figs.


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