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9 Signs of a Modern Parent

What even is a ‘modern parent’? The experts over at Trend Bible have tried to describe what a modern parent should be like. These days, many parents are very stressed out and also feel that they don’t spend enough time with their families. What’s even more important than the amount...

2017 summer fashion (featured) 0

Summertime Accessories for Stylish Moms

Fashion for moms has to be comfortable. This is exactly what the 2017 summer fashion trends bring to the table – comfortable shorts, sandals, and details that are associated with womanhood, such as frills, the color pink, large jewelry, and XXL straw bags. Let these stylish Instagram moms inspire you.

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Toy Wars – When Your Child Doesn’t Want to Share

As a parent, it’s your job to solve your children’s little squabbles. These innocent wars often help your children learn how to solve their first conflicts, but when does it become too much? What to do when children constantly fight over toys? Should you even do anything?

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The Kid Chef – Pasta With Roasted Liver

Children belong in the kitchen. At a certain age, they’ll be able to cook a meal all by themselves. Inspire yourself and try this recipe for pasta with roasted chicken liver. Chicken liver has a high nutritional value and should be included on your menu.

Fine motor skills (featured) 0

Don’t Forget About Fine Motor Skills

Toys aren’t just a source of fun. They help children learn and develop their skills and abilities. It’s very important for children to train their fine motor skills, especially when they’re of pre-school age. Picking up and using small objects helps children learn how to write and also makes other...