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How Do We Handle a Baby’s Tummy Ache?

Children may suffer tummy aches from the very day they are born. Some children get over them easily, others may have these troubles for months. New moms need to have a lot of patience to handle such situations. Every belly ache can be different, so let’s look at the most...

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Homeschooling Isn’t for Everyone

The Slovak school system is a topic that’s been widely discussed in the Slovak media for a long time now because of the problems it’s been having. Underpaid teachers, outdated teaching methods, and discussions about the increasingly more controversial topic of the student grading system. All of these, along with other...

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Enjoy Autumn With You Children

Autumn has many faces. It can be gloomy and dark but also very beautiful. We can’t spend as much time outside as we would in the summer and if we do go out, we have to dress in thicker and warmer clothes, not to mention bringing extra clothes along for...

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Creative Halloween Costumes for Expecting Moms

It’s about time to start getting ready for a Halloween party. Don’t let pregnancy stop you from getting creative. Your belly has a lot of potential for a great party costume. Check out the following article for inspiration.

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7 Tips for Christmas Presents

Almost everyone gets nervous when the time for buying Christmas presents arrives. We admit that this time of year can get pretty stressful. Running around at the last moment and worrying whether or not the presents we ordered online will arrive in time isn’t too enjoyable. That’s why we’ve decided...

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My Child Has Celiac Disease. What Now?

Celiac Disease, a digestive and autoimmune disorder that causes an intolerance of gluten protein, affects 1% of the population of Europe. It’s a disease that makes the body respond with an immune reaction to consumed gluten. It can lead to the chronic inflammation or the degeneration and damage of the small intestine....

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Goodbye, Bathing Tub! Hello, Bucket!

Bathing a baby can be a very complicated task for new moms. Holding the baby correctly, preparing the tub, getting the water temperature right, and putting the baby into the water without crying can be hard to handle. It may seem easy at first glance but it can quickly change into...

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10 Things Your Preschooler Should Handle

Schools and preschools have opened their gates once again after the summer holiday. If your child is a preschooler, this year will be a huge change for them. Preparing for school is a very exciting time when your child will get to learn and discover many new things. Allowing your child to learn...